Teen Exchange Session at Shaaray Tefila

10 October

Our 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in our Israel Moadon class had the chance to learn about how art can build bridges between Palestinian and Israeli students from our artist in resident, Sara Roizen.  Check out her presentation.  We had students that are enrolled in our teen exchange program and Israel Moadon class for a special event.

Artwork from our session on 10.10.12

Our students also were given opportunity to explore their own connections to Israel through art.  These are the individual art pieces created by our students.

We hope to display our artwork at upcoming Shaaray Tefila events in the near future.


Here’s a sample of our pieces:

Samantha’s Artwork

Samantha H:
Whenever I tell someone I’m going to Israel this winter, they say, “You have to go to the Dead Sea!” I’ve heard it so many times that the image of a beach is generally the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Israel. I can’t wait to visit an Israeli beach for real and find out whether it looks the same in reality as it does in my imagination!


Zoe’s Artwork

I based my project off of my idea of a flash flood. When I was in Israel driving through the desert, I found it amazing that it was possible for rain could suddenly flood the desert. I wanted to depict that suddenness abstractly through my art, and doing this connected me to Israel through all of the flash floods, and the disasters which resulted from them, that have ever occurred.

Dara’s Artwork



My piece reflects my thoughts about the Israeli/Palestinian boarder conflict.  As you can see, the Israel in my piece is painted as unified instead of divided, because I believe in borders that frame, not borders that divide.



Lauren’s Artwork

Lauren G:

Moving from the dark corner to the light corner of my piece, my journey to knowledge about Israel is represented. I am in the dark now, only knowing about Israel from my sister’s experiences. When i visit Israel this December I will be crossing over the ‘line’ I have in the middle of the piece. After which, I will have more to say to my perspective on Israel and I will be in the ‘light’.


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