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Israeli or American? Meeting up with our Teen Exchange students in Israel

30 December

Meeting up with our Teen Exchange students in Tel Aviv
by Susan Gross (Julia’s mother)

We exchanged a few brief texts and last minute phone calls to arrange a meeting spot on a busy street in Tel Aviv. There was some coffee shop where the adults were and there was another cafe where some of the kids were eating. Others were doing some last minute shopping before leaving Israel…

Greetings and Farewell

28 December

Greetings and Farewell
by Giora Yardeni, Ohel Avraham Board Chairman

When the sun rises here in Haifa and we wake up to another wonderful day, the night still covers the tall skyscrapers of New York City. When the sun sets behind Central Park over the Hudson River, we in Israel are sleeping and dreaming. We live here in Haifa, in Israel while you are living almost 6,000 miles away, in New York, USA…