Our family is expanding!

27 December

clergy photo for gateways

Our family is expanding!

Greetings from the Clergy at Shaaray Tefila and Reflections from Rabbi Joshua Strom

Our students from New York and Haifa have no idea. But their world, their lives, are about to change dramatically, in the most wonderful of ways. The connections they have already begun to make are about to become deeper and more meaningful than they can possibly imagine. Soon the faces on the other end of the Skype calls will be real, in the flesh, welcoming each other not only to Israel and then New York in the spring, but into each other’s hearts, as family members they had only yet to meet. The clergy here at Shaaray Tefila are so excited to see all of this happen, to have our congregations so enriched by these new relationships, to see our students and our families gain a new and entirely different view of what it means to be part of the global Jewish community.

As part of the original delegation to Haifa in December 2011, and my participation bringing our first group of students to Israel just a year ago, I am incredibly proud of our students in both communities and all that we have accomplished and will continue to do together. I’m also a little sad, since I won’t be able to join our students this time around. Thankfully the reason is about as good as it gets, as Tali and I are, God willing, expecting our second son literally any minute now. But I look forward to welcoming our Haifa family to New York in the spring.

For all of us, our family is expanding!

Shabbat shalom, Joshua Strom, Associate Rabbi at Shaaray Tefila

Please watch our shabbat message  prepared by the clergy from Shaaray Tefila for our Haifa and NYC teens for this shabbat:

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