Coming home to Shaaray Tefila

18 March
Last day in Israel

Last day in Israel with the girls!

Coming home to Shaaray Tefila

By Kinneret Wajsberg, Youth Director at Ohel Avraham- Haifa

On December 28th we had to say goodbye to our new best friends from NYC after 10 intense days in Israel. It was difficult but the following phrase helped us through this emotional moment: “It’s not really goodbye as we will see each other in a few months.”

Now, many months passed and we are going to meet our teens again in a just few days. This time the Israelis will be traveling to NYC. Our American brothers and sisters will introduce us to their families, show us their world, their city, their way of living, and will be welcoming us home to Shaaray Tefila.

As you can image, the excitement and expectations are high!!! We are very excited to see the Shaaray Tefila families and the members of their community. We can’t wait to talk to congregants and discover what it means to be Jewish in the US. We are also looking forward to unpacking the importance of a relationship between the Jewish community in Israel and the Jewish community in the US.

We hope that members of the Shaaray Tefila Community will come out on Tuesday, March 24 at 7:00 pm to meet our teen delegation and participate in an open and honest conversation about our relationship and hear from our teens about their experiences growing up in Israel and their vision for the future of Israel. Click here to see the flyer.

I have visited your wonderful city before but never as part of a delegation like this one. I am looking forward to seeing a new side of the city that I never got to experience and help walk the teens through this special once in a life-time experience as well.

See you soon!!!